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“All-purpose Self Therapy” to save medical expenses, and the meaning of symptoms

  In Seitai, “Steamed Towel Method” has been passed on to care for yourself. It is also called, “All-purpose Self Therapy”. There are many Imoto-Seitai students who have spent nothing for their medical expenses for many years by using this method, along with Seitai exercises and How to utilize “colds and their benefits.” On this […]

How to utilize “Colds and their benefits”?

Recently I found delightful news. I would like to write down the benefits of catching a cold and how to bring out the positive effects, inspired by the article. Seitai has persistently emphasized the benefits of catching colds for over 60 years. The founder of Seitai, Haruchika Noguchi had lectured about it in the 1960s. […]

Mindfulness and Seitai

I heard that the Mindfulness is really popular in western world, also Holland in these days. They say the idea of Mindfulness came from Zen or Yoga, and presumably the necessity has been increasing for contemporary us tend to regret the past and worry about the future. Haruchika Noguchi, the originator of Seitai method had […]

Seitai vs Shiatsu, Massage

“What is the difference between Seitai and the other therapies (Shiatsu, Massage, etc.) ?” This has been the most frequently asked question for me. Unfortunately, so Imoto Seitai is the only one method I have learned to the depth that I am not able to give the answer with confidence. However, I would like to […]