A Seitai treatment traditionally takes place on a long, thin futon. However, the Seitai master will bring along a mat for the house visit, so prepare a space where you can lie down. Please also have a face towel ready.

Treatable Symptoms

A Seitai treatment involves treating the patient as a whole rather than targeting individual symptoms.This is because as one starts to understand the body, the causes of such symptoms, such as a stiff shoulder, may be due to overeating, nervous or physical fatigue, poisoning, or a combination of each. The following symptoms are examples of what a Seitai treatment can address:

Childhood: poor growth, hip joint subluxation, allergies (atopy, asthma etc), (the after care of) bruises

Adolescence: sport-related injuries, menstrual irregularities (PMS, menstrual pain, amenorrhea, etc), managing your physical condition before pregnancy (preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy exercises, postpartum care, etc)

Middle-aged: physical fatigue (stiff shoulder, back pain, etc), frozen shoulder, degenerative diseases, anti-aging

Elderly: Joint pain (knee, shoulder, etc), cataracts, dizziness

We have also received positive feedback from patients who have been suffering from psychological symptoms such as depression, and various panic disorders, bumps on their bones, and other, so-called “intractable diseases”. A Seitai treatment is able to assess a patient’s body and bring out its natural healing powers.

A Seitai master treats patients on a case by case basis; some treatments take longer than others. For this reason, there is no fixed time for a treatment, however, each session takes 30 minutes in average.

I was recommended to Ken by a friend who had experienced Seitai’s special results before in her life and who was now very happy to have (finally) found a practitioner in Amsterdam and surroundings.

Ken is very knowledgeable, kind, gentle & modest … his hands flawlessly find the sensitive points on your body and with firm pressure (can be quite painful) he brings current where there was stagnation …

I came mainly for complaints on my hips and Ken’s treatments have helped very well … in addition, I am now better in my body & skin!

So I can really recommend him to you!

Karlijn Kolb 


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