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Steam towel self healing

“All-purpose Self Therapy” to save medical expenses, and the meaning of symptoms

In Seitai, “Steamed Towel Method” has been passed on to care for yourself. It is also called, “Almighty Self-Therapy”.

There are many Imoto-Seitai students who have spent nothing for their medical expenses for many years by using this method, along with Seitai exercises and “How to utilize the cold.”

On this article, I would like to tell you the way to do that. However, before that I must tell you the fact that “cure involves excretion.”  Many people call excretion caused by natural healing “symptoms.” Excretion caused by artificial healing (treatment) “healing crisis.” So when these excretory reactions are recklessly stopped, healing would halt.

Consequently, the body waste which is supposed to be excreted would change the form and appear as a larger “symptom” someday after. If we continue to stop the symptoms, the body will gather the toxins and eventually, cause a lump.

Therefore, I will explain to you the “meaning of symptoms” before describing the “Steamed Towel Method.”

The meaning of symptoms

In Seitai, most of the “symptoms” are regarded as excretion of waste products, representatively symptoms of a cold. Many people take this as “being sick” and try to stop them. However, it can be said that the body that does not excrete toxins is considered as a “sick body.” The same goes for the body that does not react to the abnormalities in the “abnormal body.” In Seitai, this is called “disease-free disease.”

For example, it is a disorder in your body when you do not feel any pain even if you are injured. Likewise, it is a disorder not having diarrhea even if you have eaten rotten food.

This is why a robust person who have never caught a cold often suddenly dies from serious sickness caused by accumulated toxins.

In Seitai, it is said that “if you stop small illness, you will get a big illness.” Disease, in other words,  excretion from time to time can lead you to obtain good health.

Therefore, if something happens as a result of the Steamed Towel Method or the regular Seitai treatment, please do not panic and stop it. I have listed up the symptoms and their meanings below. If you feel uneasy even after reading this, please consult Imoto Seitai Leaders including me.

-Pain, inflammation

As part of your body stiffens due to bruises, fatigue, etc., the flow gets worse, it gets cold. Since it is partly in the state of approaching death, the body attempts to restore the flow by expanding and refreshing the blood vessels by making eicosanoids, fever/pain-producing substances.

So basically if you cool down or stop the pain with analgesics, you will interfere with the metabolism and more or less leave some stiffness in the body, which will become “an old wound.”  Although head injuries are an exception, by warming up with the Steamed Towel Method help to promote the blood circulation. Which will alleviate the pain? It may sound like a surprise, but this is because the “pain” becomes unnecessary.

However, neuralgia that is not alleviated by warming is not “excretion.” It may be said to be a real sickness.

-Fever, chilliness

“Heat is the power to live” as the baby is warm and the corpse is cold. 

When the body stiffens, the temperature fall or the circulation becomes worse, in other words, as it approaches death, those who have the power to live will get a fever to recover. Before that, the body feels the chilliness as preparations to generate fever and increases the demand for the heat. Therefore, usually, we do not stop the fever until the process has completed. Once it is accomplished, the body regains softness, warmth, and circulation.

When the temperature is too high, dragging on for a long time, or it does not hit the sufficient temperature, the Steamed Towel Method is performed to stimulate the thermoregulatory center at the back of the head.

When the chilliness continues endlessly since it has not been able to generate heat well, induce the fever in the same way.

-Cough, Sneeze

These are spontaneous exercises that shake to loosen the rib cage when ribs are stuck together.

A stiff rib cage can interfere with the dilation and contraction of the underlying organs, resulting in poor performance. Additionally, as there are many lymphatic vessels in the interstices of the rib, stiffness of the intercostal muscle inhibits the flow of the lymph.

So this is a demand by our body, when you let the cough or sneeze go freely, the ribs will be loosened and it will settle down naturally.

If you perform the Steamed Towel Method on the uncomfortable area, the course will proceed faster.

Conversely, if you eat too much during this term, it would harden the rib cage and prolong the convalescence. Eating less will also help progress.

-Runny nose

Dripping runny nose is a reaction for moisturizing the dried, chilled lungs. Moisture is sent to the lungs when you breathe in. So, when you put a steamed towel on your face and inhaling the steam, the runny nose will stop. Whilst letting the mucus out thoroughly, the lungs will be refreshed and warmed.

-Stuffy nose

When your digestive system is tired, the nose may get stuffed up, leading to the insensitivity of your nose. As a result, your appetite falls. If you take some medicine and continue eating more, your digestive organ will eventually be affected. Contrary, if you just take some break or reduce nutrients, your nose will be cleared before you know it.


On a spot with poor flow, the body intends to regain its circulation by causing itchiness and impel to scratch. Toxins which could not be detoxed due to diarrhea, etc. are often excreted from the skin. This also causes itchiness. If you stop this for a long time, the toxins would accumulate and your body may finally build lumps.

In Seitai, “If it is itchy, scratch it” is the golden rule. And if you scratch to emerge blood or pus, toxins are excreted more steadily, therefore, it is said to be “even better”. You will get back to the beautiful skin after they run out, but if you worry about it, apply the Steamed Towel Method to the affected area.

In case the toxins have seriously progressed, you may sense itching “deep inside of the body.” Steamed Towel Method is also very effective.

Usually, itching is reduced as soon as this method is performed.

-Eczema, Atopic dermatitis

Although they are considered as some type of excretion from the skin as I mentioned in the paragraph of “Itchiness,” if it is too painful to scratch, you can choose Steamed Towel Method on the affected area. Normally, people attempt to “stop” them with steroids, etc., but for some people, it is not easy to prevent the itchiness permanently. Even maximizing the steroid usage does not stop the condition most of the time. That is why many people try to excrete using the Steam Towel Method instead of using other kinds of medication.

They seem to gradually recover over several years, suffering from excretion of toxins that have accumulated over several years. Even so, if DNA has already been damaged by steroids, it is difficult to completely recover. So it would be better to get rid of toxins with a steamed towel from the very beginning.

-Vomiting, diarrhea

When a person ingests rotten or poisonous food, sensitive one will vomit and excrete them immediately. If it does not make it in time, they will discharge it with diarrhea. Dull people would accumulate toxins without excretion. The quicker the better to dispel them, thereby, it will really help you to complete the excretion speedily and comfortably by applying the Steamed Towel Method on the vital point of liver which is called 痢症活点(Ri-sho-katten= detox accelerator).

Morning sickness that is prone to occur in pregnant women with bad stomach, is also the excretion of toxins.

People who have a stiff stomach from stress will be “dry heaving” as an instinctive action, squeezing it continuously, trying to loosen the stomach.

When people’s thoracic vertebra 5(T5) hardens, which links to the semicircular canals and perspiration, they may sometimes cause nausea by affecting the adjacent T6 which corresponds to the stomach(e.g. car sickness).

In Seitai, the above symptoms are regarded as excrement that should not be obstructed. We say it “All runnings are benign”. However, excretion which has been endlessly consuming your vitality regardless of applying the Steamed Towel Method can be said to be a “real disease” which is beyond the body’s natural healing power. Please consult your doctor in this case.

Steamed Towel Method

Well then, we are finally going to explain the Steamed Towel Method. Firstly, I will explain the principle of this method, followed by the fundamental and finally some precautions.

Principle of the Steamed Towel Method

Life is “breathing”. Breathing is to repeat absorption and excretion while repeating contraction and expansion. Humans pursue greedily about “absorption” such as nutrition and medicine, but as for excretion, they tend to lose interest. Because of that, we are prone to accumulate toxins in the body. Steamed Towel Method is the method to promote this “excretion” by stimulating with heat and steam, regain cell respiration, therefore, regain life force.

Specifically, it stimulates the sympathetic nerve and contracts the blood vessels by applying a steamed towel with “slightly higher temperature than comfortable”. As it gets cold, the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated, and blood vessels are dilated. By repeating this several times, it promotes the pumping action of the blood vessel itself. This significantly improves blood flow, excretion of waste products and metabolism. Obviously, the contract-expand movement of the surrounding cells is also promoted at this time.

Additionally, since your skin is directly exposed to steam, sweating would immediately begin as pores are opened. Along with perspiration, waste products are excreted from the skin. Therefore, Steamed Towel Method must be applied directly on your skin.

Basics of the Steamed Towel Method

Prepare one thick towel which is about 85 cm × 35 cm.Fold the towel in a size somewhat larger than the palm of your hand.

Immerse in water and squeeze it leaving moisture to the extent that water does not drip.

Heat that up. When it is too hot, let it cool to the temperature not to scold.

Use a microwave … Heat up for 60 to 90 seconds.

Use hot water … Simmer in hot water and squeeze with rubber gloves to prevent scalding (rubber gloves over cotton gloves may be safer).

Use a steamer … Set the pot with water, and heat the water until it starts boiling. Place the wet towel (squeezing out the water) in the steamer and wait until the water starts boiling.  If the towel is hot, carefully take it out.

Apply it to the affected part. It should be higher than a comfortable, but lower than scalding temperature.

Warm up the same towel after it has cooled down  ( approximately 3 to 5 minutes).

Lay it on the affected area again. Repeat several times.

Notes on Steamed Towel Method

Please be careful not to scold yourself. If the skin becomes dark or hard by continuing this method for days, please stop until the skin returns. If the temperature is too high, it causes low-temperature scolding.

The essence of Steamed Towel Method is “to cool naturally down over 3 to 5 minutes” and “to spend some time while warming the same towel again”. This wave of temperature change precisely induces the pump motion. Please distinguish this from the methods of warming up continuously with hot pack etc.

Do not practice this method immediately after bruising, or when there is a possibility of cerebral infarction, the blood vessel is torn. Other than that, please stop this when there is “discomfort” by applying a steamed towel. Presumably there is something inconvenient for your body.

The Steamed Towel Method before or after taking hot bath is not very effective. Thermal stimulation to the whole body weakens the thermal stimulation to the limited part. It is effective to leave two to three hours apart.

When taking recreational drugs or alcohol, please restrain this method as the reactions are unpredictable.


It is impossible to write up all the details of Steamed Towel Method including the practical cases and the applications here. For more information, please click here:

Shimamura Seitai

Imoto Seitai Europe branch

Imoto Seitai Tokyo Headquarters

The aim of the Steamed Towel Method is to maximise the natural healing power in the human body. If you could fully utilise this method, at least, you will find that most of the over-the-counter medicines is unnecessary.

Please believe your internal power and give it a try, and if you feel that it exceeds the limit of your capacity, just consult a doctor. After that, combined usage with medical treatment on this method will greatly help your recovery.

If you have any questions about this article, please contact Shimamura Seitai.

How to utilize “Colds and their benefits”?

Cold virus

Recently I found delightful news. I would like to write down the benefits of catching a cold and how to bring out the positive effects, inspired by the article.

Seitai has persistently emphasized the benefits of catching colds for over 60 years. The founder of Seitai, Haruchika Noguchi had lectured about it in the 1960s. Seitai Kyokai(Association) compiled the teachings and published a book titled “Colds and their benefits” in 1986. My master, Kuniaki Imoto also published “Catch Colds! Run fever!” in 1995.

They say the cold is a series of spontaneous responses to recovery to the sound, balanced body on its own.

Although it may be in rare cases, it has been observed in the practice, that patients with the allergies, intractable diseases, and even last stage cancer had cured during the recovery of the cold.

Obviously it may sound crazy and pseudoscience to you. However, according to this article, the author states “For decades, studies have suggested that there is a link between the history of infectious fever and lower risk of cancer” and scientists found that
“Infectious fever will considerably increase the number of Vg9Vd2 T cells circulating in the bloodstream until they account for as much as 60 percent of white blood cells.”
“Infectious fever plays a ‘key role’ in increasing gamma-delta T cells and enhancing their ‘immune antitumor competence’ over a person’s lifespan.” 

As allergy is the disease that is caused by the immune system which is the hypersensitivity to harmless substances such as pollen, an insignificant amount of chemicals or flour. Some intractable diseases are suggested to be caused by malfunctioning of the immune system which attacks their own cellar tissues.

Infectious fever is an important function of the immune system. Thus, if you take aspirin or acetaminophen, your immune system will be blocked from functioning. Therefore when you take a medicine to lower the fever, you end up with the low-grade fever for days. In Seitai, we regard this as the main cause of malfunction coming from the perspective of holistic medicine.

Therefore, if you want your immune system to function normally, and enhance your own immune system, we recommend you to follow the procedures below when you catch a cold.

Seitai’s traditional approach to healing from the cold:

1. Avoid taking any kind of cold medicine and solids.

The reason for avoiding cold medicine is formed as mentioned above. They will suppress symptoms of a cold. However, these symptoms are the consequences of normal immune reaction and excretory reaction that suppress the immune system and excretion of toxins.
When toxins are obstructed to discharge, they would stay in the body and eventually become another form of the disease.

The reason for avoiding taking solids is because eating is the activity of absorption. It is the opposite of excretion, therefore it interferes with getting rid of the toxins from your body. Nonetheless, we have to digest before absorbing. As you may have experienced the time when you could not move after overeating. The energy to digest deprives our body to metabolize. It works as a brake on the metabolic system that should have been accelerated by the fever of the cold. As a result, the cold tends to last for a longer time with coughs.

In short, cut nutrition and empty your stomach! Please remember to take plenty of liquids such as water, tea or clear soups as much as your body demands. We don’t recommend to have any intoxicants during the cold. I have heard of some people taking alcohol when they catch a cold. It may induce perspiration to metabolism, and also harden the liver.

2. Work as usual as you can.

This advice may be opposing common sense. However, when you have a fever, your body is ready and protective with high energy. So if you keep the first advice, you may find yourself surprisingly easy to work. And your activity will accelerate metabolism. Have you never heard that some athlete set the best record running a high fever?

3. Stimulate the occipital (the fever center) with Steam Towel Method.

This is not necessary when the fever rises to enough temperature (approximately +1.5℃) and goes away naturally. But when the fever doesn’t rise and go away or you still feel the chills, try this method.

Prepare a steam towel(thick face or hand towel) with boiling water, microwave or steamer. Fold it to hand size. This steam towel must be slightly hotter than comfortably warm.
Apply it on the back of your head, directly on the skin.
Reheat the towel as it cools and applies. Repeat the process 3-5 times.

This frequency of hot temperature and steam stimulates the fever center which is located in your occipital efficiently and safely. It will induce the natural process of fever as an immunological response.

4. Keep calm and keep avoiding solids for 16 hours when the fever goes down.

When the fever goes down, the body has been exhausted and negligent. In this duration, the body temperature will be measured as slightly lower than the average.

During the low-grade fever, continue taking liquids and avoid eating solids. If you try to obtain nourishing and start eating solids, your liver may get swollen. When this happens, it will not be easy to heal properly. If you don’t keep your body warm, the cold can come back and stay with you for a long time.

After this recovery period, slowly start with liquid with low nutrition. When the fever lowers, returning to the normal temperature, gradually shift to solids with less nutrition then, to a normal diet.

For example, start from the chicken broth soup without the solids for breakfast, potage soup for lunch, then chicken broth soup including the solids such as vegetables and meat for dinner. Gradually shift to normal food.

If you want to stick to the original style, let’s start from rice water made from boiling the rice with water, then rice porridge, tofu, finally the normal food. This will put the least burden on your body.

When you have followed this advice, it will take a significantly short time to recover from the cold. Seitai practitioners think catching cold should be healed within a day.

Simply speaking, the best example is kids who suddenly gets a high fever, but they are active as usual. They don’t have any appetite, and suddenly fall asleep before their usual bedtime. They look perfectly fine the next morning. This is the best manner to catch and recover from the cold.
If your body can do this, you may find yourself with more beautiful skin, toned body, vanishing ailments or arthritis, etc. This is because metabolism is thoroughly activated by the fever and the excretions.

Seitai method often promotes the opposite points from the contemporary sayings. However, their effectiveness has been empirically confirmed by the practitioners. They have also been partially certified by medical researchers.

Mindfulness and Seitai

I heard that the Mindfulness is really popular in western world, also Holland in these days. They say the idea of Mindfulness came from Zen or Yoga, and presumably the necessity has been increasing for contemporary us tend to regret the past and worry about the future.

Haruchika Noguchi, the originator of Seitai method had always brought a book of Zen with him, The Record of Lingji. We would say that is the bible of the Linzai sect, and the core creed of this book is

“On your lump of red flesh is a true man without rank who is always going in and out of the face of every one of you. Those who have not yet confirmed this, look, look!”.

Wiki – Linji Yixuan

Today, Seitai is irrelevant to any religion. However, it seems to me that the fundamental thought of the Seitai method is really affected with this ideology of Zen.

Dr. Kuniaki Imoto says “Mind and Body are One” and “If you have to all the way out to take a waterfall or something for awareness, it is nonsense“. Certainly, if to balance our body means to balance our mind, there is no need to go anywhere but here for us.

Seitai is a method that brings out true human vitality by gathering your strength into “The centre of axis“. Gathering strength is the same as gathering attention. This is something simple but forgetful for us living in this complicated modern society.

Why do not you try this simple Breathing Exercise below and gather your strength into “The centre“? You may find yourself getting vitality and mindfulness at the same time.

Spinal Breathing Method – 脊椎行気法

  1. Sit on a seat with your back straight (if possible, Seiza is the best)
  2. Imagine your top of the head has a hole. Then slowly, deeply breathe in from there along your spine
  3. If you could breathe into your lower back bone(Lumbar), breathe out in reverse route to the vertex
  4. Repeat 1-3 over and over as long as you are comfortable. When you finish, while breathing out, slowly open your right eye then left eye(there is a reason why you should open your eyes in this order).

It seems like a really simple and easy way in words, although you might not be able to breathe into your lumbar, because of clogged feeling in anywhere in your spinal bone. That vertebra is the cause of your symptom. When you continue this breathing as moving the bone slowly and slightly, the clogging will gradually be eased up, and you will become able to breathing deeper and deeper.

This is the way to approach to “The perfect health” with relieving each clogging in this way. It can be said that this is the ultimate breathing method that is easier said than done.

Seitai vs Shiatsu, Massage

One of the FAQ I have asked from my clients is “What’s the difference between Seitai and other therapy(Shiatsu, Massage etc.)?”.

Unfortunately, so the only one method I have learned to the depth is Imoto Seitai that cannot compare to other therapy, I often am not able to give the answer immediately.

However, I would like to leave here a note about the differences I suppose so, based on my experiences.

Revere for Life

The very first thing we learn when we initiate into Imoto Seitai is, “Never forget the deepest respect for Life”. Obviously devotion to the technique is important to the learner, meanwhile, sometimes they are apt to unwittingly forget “the training partner’s life” that is only one in the world.

Also sometimes practitioner likely to touch the patients body as routine work, when they are busy, but we regard this as extremely insolent behaviour. One of my lecturers used to told me that “If you forget the feeling of tension when you touch your patients, you ought to resign being a Seitai practitioner.


You probably have ever heard about “Tsubo”, the vital point, that is technically a slight pit on your body surface. While I have once heard the reason why it is called Tsubo(pot, in Japanese) is, because it contains a precious treasure. In Imoto Seitai, we are taught that there is a treasure that is called “Kouketsu” in this subtle hollow.

Kouketsu is felt like a small grain of rock salt which has a sharp edge. When you succeed in catching the edge in a right angle and press it with your finger, specific stimulation would transfuse into your body and reverberate toward the problematic place on your body.

However, it is not enough to just give a push it, but necessary to press it in appropriate pressure and stand still in there to producing the effect. This “Kouketsu” was one of the secret knowledge of some grand masters of Acupuncture who found it through their long long experiences, and have descended to only few disciples.

Although this part is a very fundamental of the Seitai techniques. Kouketsu will perform the maximum effect through some more procedure, but I shall omit that in here.

The central axis

As well as catching the Kouketsu in a right angle, we Imoto Seitai practitioners do “Gather the strength of the body into the centre of axis”.

This diagram is an extreme instance though, when you got tired, your posture may go from the left to the right, spreading out your scapulas and ribs laterally.

Human body has the power to gather their parts into the centre when they are fine, and in this time, so the spinal column supports their own weight that they do not feel it. Therefore they are able to move or think promptly and spontaneously.

Also when the human body’s strength gathered into the centre, an ineffectual strain would be solved and the body would relax, then hematic, lymphatic and neurological flow would improve. Therefore excretion of body wastes, superfluous fat, etc. would ameliorate, too.

In Imoto Seitai, practitioners are always conscious of this “gathering into the centre” thing during the treatment and the leading exercises. This is the principle on dynamics which Dr. Kuniaki Imoto have found through his long and enormous clinical experience.

Techniques of Imoto Seitai is compiled based on this principle, and we call it as “Jintai-Rikigaku(human body dynamics)”.